Hello, my name is:'s avatar

Hello, my name is:


i dont understand how some fries can be longer than the average potato


solange is so carefree her life looks like nothing but sunshine and colorblocking outfits i love her


i just want a boy to like me

no not that one

  • at the start of the semester:

    i'm gonna get a 4.0 gpa

  • at the end of the semester:

    perfection is the disease of a nation...pretty hurts, pretty hurts


photo cred - @sthanlee


im tired of things costing money

I have yet to be disappointed by a Netflix Original Series explain that atheists

Just finished Season 2 of House of Cards

  • Frank is a monster
  • That I somehow was rooting for by the end
  • Though I’m still emotionally compromised by what he did to Zoe Barnes
  • First I was team Doug Stamper because he was gettin shit done, but now I’m team Rachel because she’s the only actual human on the show
  • The show’s writers are excellent
  • Kevin Spacey is excellent
  • Claire Underwood is a new breed of evil
  • I feel bad for President Walker - he’s a good man who got fucked by the people around him
  • If the government is anything like this IRL, I’m moving to Canada





wow a sunrise. how gay

The sun came out?

yeah its out now

How brave


someone have a cookout and not invite me so I can crash it

@ishiboolovesyou: Happiness.